Thursday, 16 April 2015

400 Free Stardollars !!!!

Hey dollies, I just got a trick on how to get 400 stardollars or more to spend on clothes, shoes and decor only.

But there is only one catch . . . . . You need to be patient.

Patience is really something I don't have but when it comes to receiving free stuffs on Stardoll, I can wait for months!

So, here's what you need to do :

- Create 5 new Stardoll accounts, or more. The more you create, the more stardollars you will be able to spend. After creating those new accounts, do the Stardoll Academy missions.(on each one) The first day itself, each account can reach up to level 8. At level 8 you should now have approximately 50 or more stardollars.

- Come online on those 5 accounts everyday and fill in the starcoins bar. (I hope you know how to) By filling it you receive 14 starpoints daily. Fill it everyday till the accounts reach level 12.

- When all the accounts are at level 12, go to your real account (the one which you want to spend the stardollars) Go to Starplaza and wishlist the clothes, shoes and decor you want to buy.

- Go back to one of the 5 accounts and visit your real account's suite. Completely at the right top corner, you'll see the wishlist basket. Click on it and buy it for your real account. Do the same thing with the 4 accounts left.

- The stuffs will appear shortly after and you'll be able to use them!

I used to do that before but at that time, when someone bought you a gift from your wishlist, their name appearead every time you move your cursor on it. I didn't like it. But now Stardoll has changed. The name of the person doesn't appear anymore.

So hurry up and get your free stuffs!

Love you guys,
~ Lorna

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